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Simple ingredients for good food.

Hello, bakers! Greetings, restaurateurs! Come on in, chefs and home cooks and families looking for fresh, farm to table foods! Welcome to Red Iron Mills.

We produce fresh flour and grain products from our own pedigreed seed crops to supply you with the best for your table. We grow the grain, harvest it, clean it to the highest standards, mill it and deliver it to you as fresh as possible. 


Whether for everyday baking, rolling out pasta, or the finishing touch on top, our own-grown varieties of wheat will provide you with the highest caliber of ingredients, made from the highest caliber of grain and grown using sustainable farm practices. 

We are happy to supply our best quality so you can make yours. 

Here's what our customers are saying about our products:

"My Mom absolutely loves the bread she made from your flour."

"Our pretzels baked to perfection with the whole wheat flour."

"We really loved the durum texture."

"We tested all the flours - they are amazing!"

Box 1327
Shaunavon, SK
S0N 2M0

1 (306) 294-8935

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