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Who we are

Farm Family
We are proud to be a fourth generation grain farm in Canada, growing a wide variety of crops including durum wheat, spring wheat, peas, lentils, flax, canola, mustard, triticale, and barley.

We are Jason and Paige Girodat, and we work alongside Jason’s parents, Gerald and Helen, who have been farming the land since 1965 and growing certified seed as Girodat Seeds Ltd. since 1988. The farming years and experience stretch long before then, with Jason’s grandfather and great-grandfather breaking land in southwest Saskatchewan in the early 1900s.

As the sole supplier for Red Iron Mills, Girodat Seeds is a sustainable farm operation. Using the newest technologies in equipment, crop protection, fertilizers, and farming practices, Gerald and Jason preserve the land to ensure a reliable food source for generations to come. Their farming practices are safe and reliable, with a nod to the past and a promise to the future. 
Gerald often says, “Good crops start with certified seed.” And Red Iron Mills is determined to take this motto one step further to prove that top quality seed produces top quality food.

Jason and Paige Girodat and family

The Girodat Family

Gerald and Helen Girodat

Gerald and Helen have been farming our land since 1965

Jason and Gerald Girodat

Jason and Gerald are proud to operate a sustainable farming operation


Deep Roots, Strong Growth

Red Iron Mills sprouted up in a corner of Girodat Seeds as a result of creative thinking and hard work throughout the generations. Combining the knowledge passed down from the farmers before us with the technologies of today’s world allows for new ventures and opportunities. And seeing a need for locally grown products and traceability of where food comes from, we have built up Red Iron Mills to supply new cooks, experienced bakers, and the conscientious restaurant industry with healthy, wholesome, and delicious products.

Canada's Bread Basket

Where better to buy your flour than from the bread basket of Canada? We are located in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan, just north of Shaunavon. The unique soil and growing conditions in this prairie region make for some of the highest quality grains. 


Our Whole Grain Flour

In the journey from field to flour, our grain retains 100% of its nutrients. We produce a whole grain flour that uses all three parts of the kernel (the germ, the bran, and the endosperm). The process begins in the seed plant, where our cleaning equipment ensures only the best grains move on to be milled. Then, our Austrian Osttiroler mill grinds the kernel between two heavy stones, crushing it into fine, luxurious flour. This slow and steady process guarantees milling at a low temperature, which is essential in maintaining the grain’s nutrients. 

The result: our whole grain flour, rich in nutrients, aroma, and flavour, because we know you won’t want to bake with anything less. 

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